Top 15 Things to do in Las Vegas


Unique and Exciting Ways to Enjoy Your Next Vegas Vacation

1. An Extreme Flight Training Adventure Will Take You to New Heights

At Sky Combat Ace, you’ll have the chance to
fly an airplane in Las Vegas supervised by highly experienced and trained FAA-certified flight instructors. No experience is necessary. If you’ve always wanted to learn to fly and get your hands on the controls, you’ll have the opportunity to
fly a jet yourself! 

Also, if you’re not quite ready to go so extreme right out of the gate, we offer other aircraft and less intense experiences to get your feet wet first. You can book our Spectator experience which is a great way to be introduced to the world of basic aerobatics, while enjoying the stunning desert landscape below. It’s a big difference from the flashing lights on the Strips, but worth it to step off the beaten Vegas path.


2. Get Your Adrenaline Pumping at The Strat Thrill Rides

When planning your trip, you’re probably not thinking of thrill rides in Las Vegas. The Strat includes a variety of exciting rides on its rooftop, such as the Big Shot, which propels you up and back down to the ground at crazy speeds. There is also Insanity that leaves you dangling 900 feet in the air and X-Scream that launches you straight over the edge of the tower.

3. Catch a Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Game

Hockey in the desert? If you haven’t heard, it’s definitely a thing now in Vegas! The Vegas Golden Knights were the first professional sports team to call Las Vegas home and have transformed the city into a real hockey town.
Check their schedule and enjoy a game next time you’re in Las Vegas.

4. Zac Bagans’ The Haunted Museum

Another thing you may not immediately know about Vegas is that it’s home to some of the scariest attractions in the country! The award-winning
Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum features spooky items and memorabilia, real-life ghost stories, and other haunting experiences. There are over 30 rooms you can tour to get your fill of all things paranormal.

5. Experience Fremont Street

Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas is an often overlooked part of the city. Just a few miles north of the Las Vegas Strip, Fremont Street offers incredible attractions such as free live music, a zip line, and one of the biggest video screens in the entire world! If you’ve never been, it’s worth checking out.

6. Horseback Riding at the Grand Canyon

With so many fun things to do in Las Vegas, you may have never thought to leave the city. Horseback riding is a great way to slow down and get away from the rush of the Las Vegas Strip. Several companies offer excursions to tour the Grand Canyon and explore the desert landscape in the saddle.

7. Visiting the Neon Boneyard

When you think of Vegas, you see neon. Neon signs have long been a staple of the Strip. But what happens when a casino closes or gets an update? As the signs “retire,” they’ve been collected and displayed at the Neon Boneyard at
The Neon Museum. There are more than 200 nostalgic signs that light up at sunset!

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8. Organized Crime History at the Mob Museum

The Mob Museum is an experience you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll learn all about the history of organized crime at this unique attraction. Included are several exciting exhibits, such as the Crime Lab, where you can discover how forensic analysts and crime scene investigators sorted through historic mob events.

9. Become a Pinball Wizard at the Pinball Hall of Fame

The classic game of pinball featured at the
Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas offers a unique look at more than 200 fantastic pinball games. You’ll find them all in working condition and even get a chance to play them firsthand. Experiencing this classic arcade game vintage style is a win for everyone. 

10. The Seven Magic Mountains

You may have noticed this vibrant art installation as you drive into Las Vegas but never thought to stop and admire it.
Seven Magic Mountains is located just south of Las Vegas in the Mojave Desert, visible from the I-15. These colorful stacked rock formations set in the middle of the desert offer a picturesque spot for photoshoots and exploration.

11. Family Fun at the Shark Reef Aquarium

If you’re looking for things to do in Vegas with kids, take your family to the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. You’ll get the opportunity to view 15 species of sharks and observe over 2,000 other sea creatures. This aquarium is the best in the area, with one of the largest tanks in North America! If you assumed there wouldn’t be any family-friendly activities in Vegas, this attraction will prove you wrong.

12. Become a Kid Again at Dig This

Have you ever wanted to get behind the controls of a large piece of machinery? At
Dig This, you can play in a real-life adult sandbox while using heavy equipment such as a bulldozer. Schedule a time slot to dig by yourself or make it a group event. Even the youngest diggers are welcome, so get everyone in on the fun. We promise they’ll dig it!

13. Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas

If you’re wondering where the locals hang out in Las Vegas, swing by Container Park in the downtown area. It’s not only a unique place because it’s built using recycled freight containers, but it’s also a cultural hub for the city with award-winning restaurants, stores, a playground for the kids, artwork, and family events.

14. National Atomic Testing Museum

Another interesting place you may not know of in Las Vegas is the
National Atomic Testing Museum. You can learn more about the history of nuclear testing in the Las Vegas desert and how it shaped the city itself.

15. Hiking at Red Rock Canyon

Get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine at
Red Rock Canyon, just a quick 30-minute drive from Las Vegas! There are several hiking trails with varying difficulty levels that prove a good distraction from the typical Vegas vacation.

Push Your Comfort Zone Next Time You’re in Las Vegas

Don’t be afraid to venture outside of the norm whenever you’re in Las Vegas! With so many options, Vegas is sure to satisfy every kind of thrillseeker. Challenge yourself, push the limits, and experience exciting aerobatic stunts with our Las Vegas Sky Combat Ace pilots!

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