Ian “TechTonic” Forbes | Sky Combat Ace


Ian grew up on the small island of Maui in Hawaii, and from a young age he was always fascinated by aviation. He flew R/C planes and drones to keep himself occupied until the day he could start training. When Ian turned 17, he began his training on the island of Maui, flying Cessna 172s and Pipers. He then later moved to Ogden Utah to finish his training. It was there where he found his love off-roading and camping in the wild outdoors.


After spending time as a flight instructor on Maui and dealing with a lot of “island fever”, Ian decided he needed a change of pace, and moved across the ocean to the 9th island other known as Las Vegas to fly for Sky Combat Ace! Since moving here, he has made many fond memories with his new SCA family, such as hiking, camping, trying all sorts of new food, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

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