History of the History of the Thunderbirds


Who are the Thunderbirds?

The Thunderbirds are the U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron. This team of highly trained Air Force pilots has performed all around the world. They specialize in
precise air maneuvers that put the aircraft very close together. During certain maneuvers, the planes can be as little as one and a half feet apart.

Who is older? The Thunderbirds of the Blue Angels?

Blue Angels were established as the Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron on
April 24, 1946.  The Thunderbirds were formed on June 1, 1953. Therefore, the Blue Angels are older. However, both flight teams showcase the incredible talents of skilled pilots while demonstrating the precision and professionalism of the men and women enlisted in the Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force. 

How many planes are in the Thunderbirds?

There are six F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets used in air show demonstrations. Four pilots take part in the precision
Diamond formation. The other two pilots show off the capabilities and power of the F-16 while performing solos. During flight demonstrations, audiences are treated to 30 different maneuvers. 

How many people are in the Thunderbirds?

The main squadron consists of eight pilots, four support officers, and three civilians. Many people are surprised to learn that, in addition to their main squadron, more than 130 enlisted personnel representing 25 different U.S. Air Force career fields are part of the Thunderbirds.

These personnel are essential members of the Thunderbirds. Their responsibility is to ensure all operations and jets are well-maintained at all times. 

Do the Thunderbirds fight in combat?

The Thunderbirds consist of active duty pilots who are part of the
U.S. Air Force’s combat force. If they are called upon, the Thunderbirds’ aircraft can be made combat-ready in 72 hours or less. Once combat-ready, the Thunderbirds can be quickly integrated into a fighter unit and deployed from Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas. 

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